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On Festival Circuit 2024

The latest is a short film called, BREATHE - When Eric and his friend Rams set out to get a quick bite, a stop at the corner store changes Eric’s world…forever. 

White Structure


Winner Best Midwest Short - Breathe - Gary Int'l Black Film Festival

Special Curated Selection (Only 6 shorts chosen)  - Social Justice Now Film Festival (Nice Crowd/ABFF/Film Life) w/Sony Pictures Studios

Winner Independent Spirit Award - Breathe - Detroit Black Film Festival

HBO AWARD - Best Feature Film - Doing the L.A. Thing by at Martha's Vineyard African-American Film Festival 

HBO NOMINATED - Best Documentary - Soulful Steps at the Martha's Vineyard African America Film Festival 

Winner - Best Documentary - Soulful Steps at the Trinity International Film Festival

Winner - Best Short Film - The Bully at the Boca Black Film Festival

Nominated - Producers Award - The Bully at the Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival

Nominated - Best Feature First Time Director - Doing the L.A. Thing by the Pan African Film Festival

PSA Grant Recipient and Finalist - Dion's Election - EP by
Run and Shoot Filmworks and Facebook in Assoc. with Voting with OWN Your Vote/Citizens Committee New York/When We All Vote


The following are completed films Jomaja Films has written, produced, and directed. 

Dion's Election PosterIMG_9988 copy 3.jpg
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